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How the Noah's ark Animal Sanctuary came to be...

The Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary has evolved in the flowering of the property known as The Garden Of Light. The Sanctuary is an integral part of life at The Garden, which provides a holistic haven to a local community driven homes school. This home school is known as the Huckleberry Finn Home-Schooling Circle. As part of the home school's extra-curricular activities, the children take on daily responsibilities to care for the animals. This engagement expands the children's awareness and understanding of the vulnerability of the heart and helps them to understand what is required to be responsible for the fragility of life. 

Noah’s Ark is a response to requests that animals be homed here at The Garden Of Light. Horses in the last years of their life are given the opportunity to be a part of this sacred place; emus came as an offering, doves and rabbits as birthday gifts, goats and alpacas appeared and claimed their part in it all.

The Huckleberry Finn Circle of Home-Schooling is a non-profit organisation that has been created to support the children, animals and all that flowers at The Garden Of Light.
 Any donations to maintain this wondrous place are vital. We give you the opportunity to participate in the ongoing upkeep of all that lives and grows here.


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Your support and contributions will enable us to continue our important work in caring for these precious animals. 

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Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary



Each of the animals has their own story and their own needs. Some animals require lots of care and attention where others need less. Please check out our Instagram page to learn more about each of our special animals.



Our volunteers and property managers work tirelessly every single day of the year to look after our animals. 



Your donations and support are essential in enabling us to continue to care for these animals. Your money goes directly towards providing feed, enrichment, supplies and medication for the animals.



Every year The Garden Of Light opens it's gates to allow you to walk through the stunning gardens, smell the flowers, try the homemade produce and learn about the amazing story of the flowering of The Garden.


During your tour you will be given the opportunity to get up and close with our special animals.

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All profits from the tours go back into maintaining the beautiful property and caring for the animals. Your support is vital in allowing us to continue our important work.

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